Working Papers

What Happens to Babies Born During Health-worker Strikes? (with Anthony Keats) (draft available upon request)

Local Economic Conditions and Participation in the Rwandan Genocide (revise and resubmit, Economic Development and Cultural Change)

Published and Forthcoming

Antiretroviral Drug Access and Behavior Change, Journal of Development Economics (2018)

        Citation: Friedman, Willa Helterline. "Antiretroviral Drug Access and Behavior Change." Journal of Development Economics 135 (2018): 392-411.

Corruption and Averting AIDS Deaths, World Development (2018)

        Citation: Friedman, Willa H. "Corruption and Averting AIDS Deaths." World Development 110 (2018): 13-25.

The Importance of Information Targeting for School Choice, (with Kehinde Ajayi and Adrienne Lucas), AER Papers and Proceedings (2017)  

         Citation: Ajayi, Kehinde F., Willa H. Friedman, and Adrienne M. Lucas. "The Importance of Information Targeting for School Choice." American          Economic Review Papers and Proceedings 107.5 (2017): 638-643.

Advertising for Demand Creation for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (with Sasha Frade, Dino Rech, and Nicholas Wilson), JAIDS (2016)

         Citation: Wilson, Nicholas, Sasha Frade, Dino Rech, and Willa Friedman. “Advertising for demand creation for voluntary medical male                          circumcision.” Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes 72, no. Suppl 4 (2016): S293. 

Education as Liberation? (with Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel, and Rebecca Thornton), Economica (2015)

        Citation: Friedman, Willa, Michael Kremer, Edward Miguel, and Rebecca Thornton. 2015. “Education as Liberation?” Economica, 83(329): 1-30,         10.1111/ecca.12168. 

        Citation: Friedman, Willa, Benjamin Woodman, and Minki Chatterji. “Can mobile phone messages to drug sellers improve treatment of                       childhood diarrhoea?—A randomized controlled trial in Ghana.” Health policy and planning 30. (2015): i82-i92.

Book Chapter

        Citation: Friedman, Willa. “The Economics of Genocide in Rwanda.” Economic Aspects of Genocides, Other Mass Atrocities, and Their                          Prevention (2016): 339.